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Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are like a home away from home wherein the children are able to learn and focus on variety of things that are beneficial for their overall growth and development . There are lot of reasons due to which the parents send the apple of their eyes to these residential schools. In order to make the child self resilient, responsible , learn leadership qualities etc the parents send them to the boarding schools that helps them in seeking opportunities in different fields.

One will find an array of activities and experiences that can enhance the life skills and leadership qualities among the children .It makes the children self dependent as well as learn the art of responsibility , sharing , integrity etc.

Nowdays the life in a boarding school is quite stimulating and an enriching one. The children cherish the great friendships among their peers, fun and frolic throughout the day with the spark of extra- curricular activities, energetic exercises in the morning with mouth watering food four times a day .

A boarding school specially looks after the requirement of nutrition as well as academics of students. The teacher ratio in a boarding school is quite less as compared to private and public schools. It will help in the excellence of the child over the academics. Even the facility of personalized tutors to solve the problems of children  too are provided in boarding schools .

There are lot of facilities and advantages that boarding schools provide to its students :

·        Good Resources: As  the boarding schools are often spread across a wide area they have big grounds to play , dancing and singing area , large dormitory , libraries are well stocked with variety of books .

·        24/7 Availability of Teachers : Another most important benefit offered by boarding schools is the availability of the teachers all the time. Therefore if a child is encountering any problem during its study he/she can easily consult the teacher at anytime .

·        Better Supervision: As these days almost all the parents are working , they are not able to focus on their child’s study. The child has to spend lot of hours alone at home. In a boarding school a child is under the supervision of great staff that helps the child to learn so many things that adds in the growth of the child .

·        Great Bond of Friendship:  Children in boarding schools are able to foster great bonds with other children. Some of them are able to strengthen this bond lifelong. It helps them to understand the importance of relationships.

Though initially it becomes little difficult for the child to leave the atmosphere of home and the  care of his/her parents but it helps the child in improving the personality and gain lot of exposure that will be good for the child’s future years and professional life.

 It is advisable to keep a constant check over the food , activities and education that is provided to your kid in these boarding schools . The parents should also pay a  visit to the child once or twice a month to ensure that the child is receiving good quality of food ,  education and extra curriculum.