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Education For Kids

Education For Kids


The education industry in India is growing to a great extent with the help of technology and innovative solutions. Education is a right that needs to be enjoyed by all children – regular and special. Special children who are affected by dyslexia, autism and mental disabilities need special attention and customized solutions to improve their personality levels. Online education is the best form especially for kids with special needs.  The learning content is made simple and interactive in these e-learning modules. Audio-visual content dominates the modules, which makes it easier for special kids to understand the lessons.


Evolution of online education for special kids in India

There was a time when kids with special needs were confined to the four walls of their homes. Normal schools were ruled out for these kids as these schools did not have the facilities to educate a kid whose learning speed was at least 10 times lesser than that of a normal kid. However, situations started to change in the 1990s. During 1995, the Disability Act of India was passed. According to this law, all kids had a right to education. Therefore the education department and education agencies all over the world have come forward to set up day care centres all over the country for children with special needs. These day centres are equipped with facilities like personalised trainers, excellent ambience, audio visual online lessons and games that help kids to improve their motor skills, memory and overall personality development.


Challenges faced by India in this sector

However, parents have a different story to tell. It is not a bed of roses of them as there are quite few obstacles that stop them from educating their special kids. One main problem is that not many schools are open enough to admit kids with special needs. Most of the reputed schools all over the country reject autistic kids right away, as they are not broad-minded enough.  The second problem is about finances. Hiring a private tutor at home is not an affordable solution for all parents.


The Solution

Choosing the right emergency day cares facility for your special kid can be a daunting challenge. This is where iDiksha tries to make things simple for you. As a parent, all you need to do is to login to the official portal of iDiksha and search for good day care centres in your areas. You can filter on location, by nature of program like (Playway, Montessori and Gurukul) and by fees. Once you have entered the preferences, a list of day care centres that satisfy these requirements would be displayed on the system, making your screening process easier and hassle-free.

If you are willing to pay more, you will get facilities like online education modules, personalised training and other extra benefits. It involves a lot of time and effort for you to personally visit the day care centres in your area, understand their processes and then choose one finally. With iDiksha’s excellent services, you will get all these details with just a click of a button.