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Early Learning

Why early learning is important for kids?

Children learn things at a faster  pace until 5 to 8 years of age. The physical, emotional and social development of a child during these years impact the adulthood. Besides, brain development of a child hugely depends on these early years .It is the parents responsibility to optimize the early years of the child to build a promising future. Early learning nurture the child and aids in their overall development in many ways.

Many  educational  specialists and child psychologists have claimed  that young minds learn the best when they are not pushed  hard. It is not healthy for the younger ones to get separated for longer hours from their  parent. Early learning programmes meet all these requirements to nurture the child.

Challenges faced by early learning programmes  

Although parents welcome the concept of early learning, there is a mixed opinion about the center of kindergarten education. It poses many challenges to the early learning programmes.

1.       Curriculum – There is no standard or statutory curriculum. Learning outcomes vary with every programme.

2.       Methodologies – Due to lack of prescribed guidelines, it marks a huge gap in practice and theory.

3.       Gap between the necessity and supply – Every child is different; grows in different pace; learns in different ways


Being a competitive field, even many schools offer early childhood learning as a part of the curriculum, employing teachers with no relevant qualification or ability. Kids don’t get benefit from early childhood education through inexperienced teachers. Also, stereotypical classroom setup with large-sized classes doesn’t help them learn anything.

How iDiksha helps for child's development?

iDiksha is a great platform for early childhood education. iDiksha  lay focused on all challenging areas of early learning faced by parents as well as  teachers. The core concept of iDiksha is Play, Learn, and Grow!

The need for qualified and expert teaching professionals can’t be stressed more. iDiksha employs the teaching professionals with proper qualification and training. 

Every child is unique. When a child cannot understand what you teach, you should teach the little one in the way the child can grasp it! iDiksha focuses on personality development of children.

Early learning programmes at iDiksha ensures the following:

         Strong language and numerical skills

         Improved cognitive performance

         Sharp memory, concentration and analytical skills

         Encourage interaction with peers

         Reduced or no need for special education

         Better academic output

Kids learn through educational games, toys and objects. They use high-quality materials, which doesn’t harm the kids.

The education specialists experts at iDiksha offer creative solutions to meet the need of every child.  It follows the tried and tested methodologies to educate the child, the best way.