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After Pre schools

After Pre-schools


Education in India has undergone a lot of changes. Educating a child is not just confined to schools and formal educational institutions but also requires extra care and concern. After Pre schools  has become a demanding arena in the recent years with more and more parents becoming busy in their professional life .


What is after Pre-schools program?

There is a time gap between the end of school hours and parents reaching home. What do the kids do when both the parents are working and will  reach  home in the evening ? At such situations After day cares is a place where kids find shelter .

It generally includes a set of structured programs and activities specially designed for the  overall development of children and teenagers. These activities are always performed under  the guidance and supervision of trained professionals. The basic aim of the program is to nurture the growth of students. The program is also termed as ‘out-of-school-care’ or extended learning activities’.


Why is there  a need for after day cares centre?

With nuclear families elevating, the security  of child after  the school hours poses a big threat to the working families. This problem  is now  met by After School Care programs. Children are  given guidance to  learn various useful  educational programs .Generally, after school activities combine curricular and extra-curricular activities that every child need for his/her growth. 

The programs generally focus on academic enrichment. Helping the child  in his/her  homework , assignments, tutoring, mentoring the kids, math and science activities, etc forms  an integral part of after school care. These programs not just ensures the safety of children, but enable a promising growth of the child in all its aspects.


Challenges faced by the After school  professionals:

The major challenge is dealing with the kids. Kids need a refreshment after spending 6 - 7 hours at school. Not all after school care programs address the entertainment needs of the kids. Beyond academics, a lot of fun activities are also covered to keep the children engaged.

Also as the program covers academic improvement, the service providers need qualified teachers to help the kids in academics. 


How  does iDiksha provide effective after play schools services? 

iDiksha totally  understands the parental concern over child development issue . It helps in  employing  qualified and trained professionals to discuss the academic and extracurricular activities of the children. It  also offers and provides  a lot of creative activities for kids to engage and entertain the children.  Some of the products designed by its experts have a long-lasting effect on the sharpening of child’s mind.


The curriculum designed by iDiksha focuses on the following aspects :

·      Individual attention and personal growth – Not all children are the same

·      Evolution of a child

·      Exciting learning process

·      Not a teacher dependent curriculum

·      A smart and creative way of learning

       After day cares at iDiksha is like a second home for kids , helping them to learn different educational things .