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Day Cares centre


The  initial years of a child ‘s life is greatly influenced  by the things they learn and develop from the surrounding environment Getting a nanny or using day care services are just  sufficient anymore to nurture the growth of healthy and happy kids. No longer does the word ‘Child Care’ merely associates with play schools facility. It includes early education, social development, creativity skills, self-esteem, independence etc.


Growth of  Day cares in India


Spending a quality time with children is more important than anything else for the parents . However, working families are unable to spend quality time with the kids. Children need something more than a standard system of lethargic play. In fact, children thrive and stay active when the child care centers engage them into educational activities beyond ordinary games and other activities. 


This gap is met by the day care centres. Child care programmes differ a lot from a commercial day care centre. The focus of the new age baby care programmes lies on the over development of  the child from all aspects.


Children should step into the academic curriculum without any fear. A professional child care centre helps the child to face the education system with no threats and challenges. There is no need to incur  stress about the  changing face of education as the latest buzz is more on online education. The resources, skills and expertise of the Day care services providers equip the child with essential skills and knowledge.


List of challenges faced by day cares centre


Taking care of a child is not an easy task. Toddlers and pre-schoolers live in their own world .Understanding the requirement of a child is somewhat difficult. They cannot communicate properly and express what they feel.


Poor communication or inability to express what the children feels make them behave inappropriately. Child behavior is a daunting task that even mommies cannot master all the time.Children develop motor skills and they are prone to injuries, wounds, bumps and falls.


How iDiksha provides best day cares solution?


A baby care centre is the first place where the child is taken out of the home in an extended home-like environment. Of course, it is impossible to provide the home environment to the kids. Beyond everything, at least you need the moms to stay with the kids isn’t it? This is the major challenge faced by child care providers. iDiskha offer an extended home-like atmosphere in a vibrant setup that entices the kids to enjoy their day. It makes the kids feel extremely comfortable and happy. 


iDiksha employs trained and well-qualified staff who really understand the behavioral patterns of a child and provide individual focus to avoid all developmental issues.


Kids easily get bored with repetitive activities. iDiksha completely understand this requirement and developed an array of  games and educational play activities for kids. The concept is learning with fun. No child is forced to involve in any activity. iDiksha travels along with the child in his or her own path and enable overall development.